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Train real-life experience.
Fast, effective, scalable.

Innerspace delivers plug and play VR training solutions that enable cleanroom operators to bring their work quality to a new level.

Innerspace supplies all components you need for the successful implementation and operation of VR DeepTraining. From training units to the necessary hardware and support, our customers receive everything from one source.

Purchase your deep training station.
Set up your 5 x 6 m room.
Train without limits!

Close the gap between learning and doing it right.

Fast, effective and scalable

  • Accelerate training to experienced level.
  • Reduce onboarding time.
  • No site downtimes due to training needs.

  • Avoid contamination.
  • Know critical procedures.
  • Internalize mission-critical principles.
  • Avoid human error related costs.

  • Train measurable skills.
  • Harmonize training content.
  • Set company-wide training standards.

How it works

Innerspace DeepTraining is the missing link for effective training within your existing curricula. Operators will gain general abilities, turn them into behavior patterns, and then learn to apply them for real in key moments of production.

1. Train the basics

Focus on acquiring general skills.
Internalize skills and create appropriate behaviors.
Train in an abstract environment for full ability.
Have fun while training in an astonishing DeepTraining ability arena.

2. Apply in key moments

Simulate the most critical moments in processes and interventions.
Create, deepen and extend best practice.
Train in a convincing cleanroom environment.
Ensure reproducible, correct cleanroom behavior.

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